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Drunk daughter sex story

Drunk daughter sex story


God, I missed sucking on titties. I pulled on one nipple, lifting her boob up by it, then letting it drop and watching it jiggle a little. Mmmm… so fucking sexy. I kissed my way down to her perfect little belly button, srory my tongue inside for a second.

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It hurt and I tried hard not to cry. It was pretty odd that I felt so out of it after only two drinks, after all.

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Fuck her! It was bad enough that I was fucking my daughter in law, but she was passed out and my son was laying dead drunk and passed out right next to her. My face stung with the sudden impact and my head buzzed for a second. Fast forward to the evening, with bobbie gone for the night myself and the wife settled down with a take away and movie, the film was boring and before long the wife drunk daughter sex story stroking my inner thigh, tell tale she is horny, She is laying across the sofa head on my chest, she turns her head towards me as we share a long loving deep kiss, She turns to face back the otherway and proceeds to undo the buttons on my boxers and pull my now semi hard cock out and starts to slowly wank my hardening cock till its rock hard, then starts to suck me, her oral skills are amazing and just as I was relaxing and enjoying the attention our phone rings.

His weight was putting so much pressure on my chest it made it hard to breathe. A drunk daughter comes home to deal with her angry father.

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Sure enough there was a little smear of blood across him from my hymen breaking. Sarah was worried that something had happened, that I drank too much or that something was slipped in my drink. Not late at all. I rolled them together and covered them with a sheet. I only had two drinks before I started feeling really silly. Without really intending this, I put a big wad of cum inside of her.

My cock was leaking in my sweats, so I got up off the bed and shucked them off.

I undressed her and laid her in the bed. Fuck it!

It had not occurred to us before that probably he had been able to hear me making to love to his mother when he was growing up in that room. I was gagging so much that drool started dripping down my chin. This is so fucking wrong. Drink deserve to blow a nut.

Drunk daughters 1st time

The next morning, nobody asked any questions. She never stirred. It hurt and I gasped, eliciting a soft chuckle from him. I wished for spanking now instead of this horrible punishment. I knew it was disgusting and wrong and I wanted it to stop so badly. Finally I felt his cock pulse and throb inside me as he finished and daughtef down on top of me for a moment while he caught his breath.

Oh my god Ashley. I wonder if she remembers anything. I dragged him upstairs and got him into bed.

Drunk daughter stories

Go have another beer, I dughter myself. Dad looked down at me annoyed as he pulled his cock out of my mouthing leaving a string of saliva dangling from my mouth to the head of his dick.

Then Sarah, my best friend, gave me a ride home. Dad leaned his hands against the wall behind me for balance as he slid his cock further and further down my throat with each thrust. Then he pinched my nose shut tight.

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Please, Rate This Story:. All identifying information has been changed or deleted. They had been married for eight months.

Please forgive grammar and spelling, first time writing, there is a part 2, the following day if anyone is interested. The above story has been srx from a posting on the Internet, but has been rewritten. Therefore, I put a wad of cum in my own wife, too. I decided that I had better fuck her, too.

I put my head between her legs and gave her a kiss. I opened them wide in fear and tried my hardest to focus only on keeping them daughtrr.

I was as hard as a rock. I looked up at my Dad above me, my eyes begging him to stop and daughtter only that sickening smile in return. She was wearing her bra.

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Dad was in the living room when I came home. I was sure he would not notice anything and his wife would probably not either, so I reached over and put my hand on her pussy. I would lay in bed with my own wife and we would get turned on hearing their passionate love making in my son's nearby room. Stkry remember seeing the clock on the microwave as I walked by the kitchen.

I reached down to my little cunt and pushed my finger in. Those college boys must have tiny cocks. I pulled on one nipple, lifting her boob up by it, then letting it drop and watching it jiggle a little. I was very sore and I could feel his fluids dripping out of me.

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