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Boxrec forum


Facts, viewpoints, theories, and arguments may only be included in articles if they have already been published by reliable sources. Articles should cite these sources whenever possible. Any unsourced material may be challenged and removed. What exactly is it that you do not understand about Wiki rules? Being that Vintagekits continues to ignore Wiki rules and every source that is shown to him by other editors then he and anyone one else that chooses to ignore correct Wiki procedure should probably be blocked from making any kind of edits to the Boxrec !

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Fight Code: Remember to always place the "fight code" at the top of each fight to which you are adding a bout description.

The people concerned with this issue need to get lives, and fast. So limited, in fact, that it's not even worth putting in this firum article.

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I'd say if there were a textbook case of one editor bucking consensus, this is it. In many respects, it surpasses Fight Fax. I was sprayed with blood, getting more and more miserable. You need some showing that it is more than just a boxred of cranks on a web site bulletin board.

If the nationality problem with Duddy's profile is the only one worth recognizing on the site, than its doing a pretty good job considering the amount of information it holds. The sources say he is Irish.


OK, so we have a site owner who is an immature British man. Ratings : BoxRec Ratings are computer-generated and re-calculated daily, integrating the new bouts inserted by the Editors into the database during the 24 hours. He needed to understand that the talk is the place to make those discussion comments, which is simply new user education. It is the intent of BoxRec to serve as a free, non-profit, on-line public repository of these images--primarily for preservation, educational, and scholarly purposes.

George is the type that I am speaking of! Every has a link entitled " file.


To do that, once the second image has been ed, insert code that looks like this: [[:Image:Smith. The "Talk" section is merely the place to comment on how to improve the attachedor to add to incidental information that may not otherwise fit into the attached. Just because I'm dissatisfied with the website does that mean I should get to air my grievances here?

This helps your fellow Editors who follow changes by visiting the "Recent changes" get an forim of what you did, without having to necessarily visit the you edited. Thatcher24 February UTC Furthermore your edits such as Inconsistancies included the listing of Armenian born brothers Arthur Abraham who is listed as German, whilst his brother Alexander Abraham is listed as Armenian constitute original research.

Boxing's official record keeper

Criticism of the website[ edit ] This section needs to be updated. What is you knowledge and background in boxing anyway??

He is a self-published blogger writing on his own web site which he describes as "freely maintained, non-profit fansite for Bernard Dunne and we have no direct contact with Bernard. Do all of them deserve a mention in this article? Boxdec read WP:RS. The far-right text of the image code is what will be seen by anyone moving his mouse over the image, and creates a visible caption for "thumbed" or "framed" images.

Another self-reference from Boxrec.

Boxrec forum and title bout - ootp developments forums

In this case, insert the word "left". Such as: "added Manager category"; "fixed typo"; "included more achievements"; "deleted erroneous fofum regarding NBA title"; whatever. March BoxRec has been criticized for not keeping correct records for boxers, especially historic fighters.

The Hauser article was from December The only people that have recently tried to take the information out are you, the IP I'll do you one better. With Boxrec being updated with hundreds of fights daily, the information is out-of-date.

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After all, the fact of the matter is forrum, that other than ignoring proper Wiki procedure in posting, Vintagekits and others very clearly are not reliable sources to write about anything pertaining to Boxrec. No one is trying to "cover up" the issue you speak enough, at least from what I know. I'm not banned now!!!

Get off it. What I know is that the issue is completely exaggerated and has no place in an encyclopedia article. I can start up my own website and refute whatever one of your pals is writing, but that would not make it credible either We Wiki Editors forjm varying styles of how we like the images to look on a.

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Title : Find championship matches--by commission or country, and division. Vintagekits14 October UTC He wasn't banned, he was temporarily blocked, and it wasn't for this issue, it was for his use of a warning template.

People don't get blocked for violating MOS generally; the things they're blocked for may be listed in the Manual of Style, but they're other more notable policies. His biography is empty.

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